The tools; 3lb.crack hammer, 6lb.crack hammer, 8, 10 12, 16, and occasionally 20lb. sledge hammer. Different widths and thickness sharpened car and truck springs. 7/8 inch cold steel chisel, (especially used to make slots in the rock where joining planes or cracks don't exist). The Zulu war stick, an invention to reach deep into the wall; produced 'thunderbolt' my favorite crystal.

Let's call it the Paleozoic Era in the Ordovician period, we are standing at the beginnings of time and life on Planet Earth. Two decades of mining the ancient seabed, the 80's and 90's, necessary to remove the million lbs. of overburden to CLEAR the TABLE. Field 2, the Herkimer Diamond Development the BULLS-EYE! 77 'pockets' from a part of the seabed that NO LONGER EXISTS produced the most comprehensive articulated collection of Herkimer diamonds that will remain UNMATCHED forever! Voila, STARDUST, the greatest collection of naturally faceted Herkimer UNCUT gemstones and clusters on Earth! Made in America!

Pounding sledge hammers, flying rock and debris, blood sweat tears broken fingers and toes art and engineering then you stick a wire through otherwise solid rock and unbelievably relieved, realize a vug or pocket. Cleaning out the drusy lined pocket may shred your fingers, necessary but worth it. Every single wonderful crystal may be part of a 3 dimensional cluster.

Over the course of 2 decades, thick greasy mud that accompanied the crystal, along with drusy lining the pockets, were carefully placed in 5 gallon buckets and whisked away to the basement of an apartment building in N.Y. City and stored, some for 30 years! After a few more years of meticulous preparation and the 500 million years in God's stone vault, STARDUST!

Big George, the engineer. Diamond Jim, the schoolteacher. Boston Jimmy, the geologist. Pocket Dale, the philosopher. And Edge, a name his Mother gave him as a child, it means friendship or even more, Family, as the philosopher said, a 'diamond in the ruff'. This, the mastermind that attempted to coax, relate to, then understand the ANCIENT SEABED and her INCREDIBLE WORLD CLASS 'inhabitants' and CONTENTS!